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H & P -201C Audio Generator
HP 201C , audio generator covers 20 to 20 Kilohertz
Item #26

Our price: $59.99  Discounted price: $44.99 

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HP 211b Square Wave Generator - 2 avaible
0 to 10 megahertz square wave generators
Item #28

Our price: $69.99  Discounted price: $49.99 

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sg-1139 satellite data test set
Satellite test set sg-1139 data generator test set for tritacs & atacs test for (bit error rate ) BER test for tritac .this test set is very clean and in working shape cables shown are included . This set generates a known data pattern and then compares the returned data pattern and calculates the bit error rate (ber) include the 120 volt power cord shown .
Item #132

Our price: $199.99  Discounted price: $129.99 

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brenmark200 surplus sales
north florida surplus sales
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